Benefits of Morning Workouts – Give the Mornings a Shot

Give the Mornings a Shot

If you’ve been reading the blog, you probably know that I don’t think ANYONE is too busy to workout… working out might not be your priority, but you aren’t too busy to workout. The glorification of being busy in America needs to die… but that could be an entirely different blog post! This one is going to be about how awesome 5AM workouts are. 

One of the first things I ask people when they say “I’m too busy to workout” is this…

“What are you doing at 5 AM?”

I normally get hit with that wide-eyed emoji looking face when I ask that.

“Um. I’m sleeping. I’m not a morning person. I need 8 hours of sleep.”

“Ok cool. Go to bed earlier and you’ll still get 8 hours of sleep if you workout at 5 AM.”

And then I normally lose them. But I want to make a case for the morning time workouts. Again, I don’t think you’re too busy… you might just need to wake up earlier. I also don’t believe there is such thing as a “morning person.” Anyone can be a morning person. You just have to wake up. There are plenty of benefits to getting those workouts done early in the day.

Starting Your Day With Positivity And Energy

Getting your day started surrounded by a group of positive and hardworking individuals might be the BEST way to start your day. I LOVE teaching 5AM classes because they really get me kicked into gear and motivated for the rest of the day! Waking up that early is not as enjoyable to most as letting the sun wake them on a weekend, but being around energizing and motivating people is just as enjoyable. This group of people will energize you to embrace your day head on, and attack anything that stands in your way. The inherent positivity that follows with group exercise classes is a valuable tool for the rest of your day as well. Instead of starting your day scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram looking at all the negativity, you can start it working out with your friends and taking steps towards your goals.

Increased Energy – Increased Productivity

I swear my best days are the days I workout early. The increased brain activity and blood flow your body gets from movement (and high intensity movement) is almost guaranteed to keep you more alert and focused throughout the rest of the day. It will definitely do more for you than that third or fourth cup of coffee. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Get sweaty. Dominate your day. Also, it feels pretty cool to be DONE with something before most people’s alarms go off. There is a certain feeling of badassery that goes along with working out at the 5AM! 

Free Up Your Schedule

Have you ever had to miss a workout in the evening because something came up at work? Or at home? Or you had conflicts and the gym suffered prioritization that day? When you workout earlier, those are no longer conflicts because you’re already done! I have NEVER had anyone miss a 5AM workout because “something came up at work.” Nope. Nothing gets in the way of your 5AM workout. Not your boss, not your kickball league, not your after work socials, not your appointments. It’s just you working on your fitness.

Again, there’s no such thing as a morning person. ANYONE can make a morning workout part of their routine. My advice? Go to bed early (put your phone down and go to sleep), and make sure you stick to it for a minimum of two weeks. They may just be the best, most positive, and most energizing weeks you’ve ever had.

As always, if you need anything, don’t be afraid to reach out! I’m here for you.

-Clark Hibbs

29 down, 2 to go.


Owner and Head Coach: CrossFit Yellow Rose
CF L-2
CF L-1
CF Mobility
ACSM Certified PT
ACE Certified PT


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