A Salute to Women

To all the women out there,

You live a life everyday that half of the population will never truly understand. You are faced with challenges, stigmas, disadvantages, and uphill climbs that would make some simply crumble at the sheer thought.

But the thing is, you don’t crumble. You don’t run. You don’t throw your hands in the air and wait for help, because you are NOT helpless.

You are unbelievably strong.

You work. You fight. You persist. You love. You comfort. You care. 

Simply put, you inspire.

Your everyday bravery is energizing.

Your ability to persevere through anything is humbling.

Your strength is radiant.

Your hard work and unrelenting attitudes are something we should all look up too. If anyone ever tries to knock you down, just know that the world has been trying to knock you down for ages now, and it hasn’t worked yet.

Keep working, keep inspiring, keep going.

-Clark Hibbs

8 down, 23 to go.




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