4 Tips To Get Back To Exercise

4 Tips to help you get back into exercise
-Clark Hibbs

The world went into quarantine mode for a while there. And, for many people, we’re still doing our best to actively avoid any situation where there might be crowds or other people. Unfortunately, one of those places is actually quite good for your health…

The gym.

Gyms were shut down for just over a month here in Texas. While we were overjoyed to get back into limited operations, we saw the effect the quarantine not only had on our members, but also on us as trainers and fitness professionals.

Y’all. Quarantines are no joke! 

You’re surrounded by easily accessible food all day.
You have nowhere to go, so the lunch beer or mid afternoon glass of wine sounds awesome.
You know that you get a better workout with a group of people, so working out by yourself can feel like a bit of a waste.

I get it. I was right there with you.

And honestly, I was super excited to get the gym back up and running, but I had a ton of anxiety about getting back into training with the group again. Not because of Covid-19 (we go above and beyond to make this place safe), but because I knew I was going to be a shell of my pre-quarantine fitness self.

That made it really hard to get back into working out.

But hey. I’m back to it. A lot of y’all are too, but there’s still a ton of people that aren’t back into fitness yet. Whether you’re getting back into the gym, or you’re just trying to get some workouts done at your house, here are FOUR tips to help you get back into exercise.

Set Appointments In Your Calendar 

You have appointments you make and attend all the time.

  • Doctors appointments 
  • Meetings at work 
  • Little league games 
  • Dance recitals 
  • Etc etc 

Your workouts are important meetings, just like these. Best part, they’re usually shorter, and more enjoyable too! 

If you’re trying to get back into the physical gym, reserve your spot in class, then immediately put it in your calendar. Mark it as a high priority so you know you are NOT going to cancel that on yourself! 

If you’re trying to get back into a few workouts a week at home, keep the same strategy. Set the times you’re going to workout, mark it high priority, and get after it. These workouts are important for your health and vitality. Treat them with the importance that they deserve! 


Make an accountability buddy 

Or as I like to call, an “accountabilibuddy.” If you go to the gym, this should be someone that’s going to workout with you in the class. If this is at home, this should be someone who will workout at the same time as you in their own home.

Now, we all have those friends that are a bit flaky (and if you don’t know who it is in your group, welp, hate to break it to you but it’s YOU). These shouldn’t be your accountabilibuddy. Your buddy needs to be someone Type-A who’s going to hold you to that workout no matter what. You already know who they are… so get ready to text them when you’re done reading this! 


Remind yourself how good working out makes you feel 

Yes, after an extended time off, you aren’t going to feel as fit as you once were. Good news is that it comes back pretty quickly once you get that consistency back in your life. Yes, there will be a bit of discomfort getting back into it, but remember how good working out makes you feel: 

  • Empowered
  • Accomplished 
  • Strong
  • Energetic 

We could go on forever, but bottom line is you’re going to feel amazing.


Give yourself some grace when you get started back up 

Like we talked about in number 3, you won’t be in the same shape as when you left off. Guess what? 


Give yourself permission to come back slowly. Go lighter. Scale back the reps. Try and keep your heart rate low throughout the entire workout. But most importantly, remind yourself that you’re getting back into things again.

It’s OK that you aren’t lifting as heavy.
It’s OK that you aren’t moving as fast.
It’s OK that everything feels harder than it did before.

It’s OK.

You’re back to working out, and that is what’s most important.

If you need help getting back into it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you, and we’re here to help you get back into the best shape ever.

Looking forward to having you in the gym! 

-Coach Clark


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