10 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

by Clark Hibbs

Real quick before we get into all of this, just want to commend you for hanging in there.

It’s tough not being able to go about your usual routines, your social interactions, your…well… life. But we’re all in this together, and we’re all going to come out of this with a new found appreciation for how wonderful our lives truly are!

One of the things I miss the most? DATE NIGHTS.

While Rachel and I are definitely some homebodies, we still love going out to restaurants. A new place, a great dinner, a new bottle of wine, some really great quality time. It’s something we definitely miss right now!

But, a date night is anywhere you’re with the one that you love. So while we’re responsibly following Social Distancing guidelines and staying at home, here are 10 date night ideas you and your spouse or significant other can do!

Actually, a quick rule about date night: No phones. You’ve been on your phone all. dang. day. Put it away for a few hours and get some quality time in 🙂


I mean, obviously, right? Everyone loves a good game night. New games, old games, board games, card games. Anything will work! Rachel’s and my current go-to game is either QWIRKLE or AGGRAVATION. If you haven’t played either of these, I highly recommend it!

2. Creative Cocktail Contest 

Uh.. I mean… protein shake contest? Or it could be a mock-tail contest if you don’t partake in alcohol. Either way, let’s get creative and have some fun with some drink concoctions!

  • You’re not allowed to go to the store for this. Only use what you have!
  • No making drinks that you have made before!
  • Each person gets 30 minutes to create their cocktail or mocktail (or hell, a protein shake if you want!)
  • After the 30 minutes, it’s time to try each other’s creations!
  • Here’s a basic scorecard for the contest, each category is judged on a 1-5 scale.

Presentation – How Instagramable is this?
Originality – Is this really creative? Or did you just rename a Screwdriver a Russian Orange?
Taste – would you drink this again?
Finish – does it leave a good taste? Or does it taste like a science experiment gone wrong? 

Have fun with this one!

3. Backyard Picnic

Lay out a blanket, make some food that’s easy to eat while seated on the ground, grab a bluetooth speaker to play some relaxing dinner jams (I recommend The Wood Brothers), and maybe even a citronella candle to set the mood.

4. Movie Marathon

We’re not talking about 1 movie here. We’re talking at LEAST 2-3 movies in one night! Ways to decide these movies…

  • Sequels or trilogies work great (Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, anyone?)
  • Movies with the same lead actor
  • Same genre of movies (RomComs, WW2 movies, stand up comedy specials)
  • Each pick a movie

Get cozy, and get watching!

5. Learn a TikTok Dance

I honestly have no idea what a TikTok even is, but I’ve seen a lot of people embarrass their families for generations to come by posting some of these ridiculous dance videos, and it seems like fun to me!

6. Pretend You’re On Chopped

That’s right. You each have 40 minutes on the clock to create something amazing with ingredients that should definitely, DEFINITELY not go together. Each of you agree on a few main ingredients found in your fridge or in your pantry. The twist? You each get to give each other a surprise ingredient that MUST be used in the dish!

7. Mini Golf Course 

Use items from around the house to make a golf course! Try and make some holes all throughout the house, and get creative with the obstacles! Don’t have a putter or golf ball? Use a broom and a tennis ball, or a baseball bat and a ping pong ball, or… whatever! Have some fun!

8. Lego’s or Puzzle Night

If you don’t have any Legos or Puzzles, you can still get some off of Amazon Prime… although they might not be in time for tomorrow’s date night, they might be there for next week! Get some Legos or a fun puzzle, put the phones away, and start building! 

9. FaceTime Double Date

Start up the group text with another couple, clink glasses to the front facing camera, and have a little double date! 

10. Trick Shot “HORSE” around the House 

Remember when the internet was full of videos of people pulling off crazy trick shots? Tossing a paper towel roll ONTO the paper towel holder, throwing keys behind the back and landing them on the hook, landing a ping pong ball into a red solo cup from the second floor? There are ENDLESS ways for you to be creative here, and any kind of shot will do! (This is also a really fun way to get the kids involved). Although in my experience, playing “PIG” is usually a better idea than Horse… those shots are tough! 


I hope these help you pass the time on a Friday night, when it would usually be a date night for you to go out and experience. If you’re already nailing the stay at home date night game, shoot me an email with what you’ve got going on and we can share it with the rest of the community! 

Have fun, and wash your hands! 



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